need help getting wireless router to work with dsl

Ok I got this new dell laptop and a verizon dsl modem. My linksys router is on the way. Ive never done anything wireless before. Ive not hooked anything up yet.
Is there an easy explanation of how to get the router to work with the dsl. Or is it too complicated to explain?
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  1. What hopefully works
    set router to get IP through DHCP and plug modem into wan port of router and hopefully it will work

    What I ended up doing
    I had to log into the modem and set the PPOE location on the router and then set up the router with the PPPOE username and password. How you accomplish this is different depending on your hardware hope this helps.
  2. You'll get directions with the router very possibly on a CD, just follow them. You'll set up the router first, which will require hard wiring it to a computer. Once it's up and running you can run the wireless set up in Windows on the laptop.
  3. Hey guys i'm new here and need some help. my ISP provider was a DSL company named Sympatico whom i am n longer with. However, they supplied home networking 6520 modem/router which i ended up purchasing at the end. This is a modem / router all in one device. I have now switched to rogers and want to use this same router on my cable connection, can someone please help me? if u can email me or add me to msn. btw i know this is possible since many have done this before, the only thing i have managed to do is disable the modem par of the homenetworking since i already have a rogers modem. it has a good signal and says connected but i can't browse unless i'm plugged in to the rogers modem directly without the router Please Help. Thanks in advance :)
  4. Most routers come with a CD that walks you through the set up, do you have this CD? If so, run it. If not, did it come with a manual? If you don't have either, go to the mfg website and look up the manual or it may be on the Sympatico website. Setting up a DSL on a router is more complicated than cable. With my daughters DSL when I ran the CD I had to start with the Modem plugged into the computer and later during the install process had to connect the modem to the router and the router to the computer. If you can't find the CD or set up instructions, let us know. You can probably do it by getting into the router set up through you browser but different modems have different addresses so getting the router address will save you a lot of time. Again, you should be able to find this on the router website.
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