Need help adding a local TCP/IP Printer through Script

Hello Everyone,
I'm attempting to add local IP printers to over 1 hundred workstations and don't want to do it from each one. I need a simple script that will allow me to run from the local machine once that will map these printers. I have some VB script but it's not working and I can't seem to find a solution. If you or someone you know can create the script, we would be more then happy to pay you for your time.

In the meantime, is there a simple script I could use to perform this function as I'm not a VB Scripter.

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  1. If you just copied a script off the web, you need to modify it to match what you are trying to do. What you want is possible, but without knowing your setup there is no way to set things up to work.

    Tons of samples around the web, need to work on it a bit to get it working right.

    I got my scripts to read from text files, one has PC names, the other the printer names. Run the scripts and it installs all the printers in one txt file to all the PCs in the other text file.
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