Need XP-compatible drivers for my new HP Pavilion Elite m9470es

So I've gotten myself a brand new computer, a HP Pavilion Elite m9470es. The problem however, was that the Vista Premium OS was in Spanish, and though I tried all possible methods, (MUI-files, LIP-files, Vistalizator etc. etc.) I could find no good way of changing the language.

So I ended up deleting the whole Vista thing off the harddrive, and installing Windows XP instead. And it works great.

But the problem is, I can't find/install all my drivers. I've tried downloading HP's driver pack for my PC, but it seems to be unwilling to install the pack on older OSes than Vista.

I also tried downloading the chipset driver for Intel G33 Express, from Intel's website, but I got the same kind of error message.

So I've been trying to track down the drivers separately and installing them one by one, but I'm unsure about what I'm looking for it and where to find it, network and sound drivers in particular.

This is my PC:

So anyone got any ideas of what I can do? Where can I find these drivers?
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  1. Hi:

    I also have a Pavilion M9470 and I also need the drivers for XP.

    As long as your question, I imagine he already got the drivers. So please please let or tell me where I can download or could pasarmelo.

    Thank you very much and best regards
  2. it finds all drivers its only 450kb without installer
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