Would you buy a refurbished desktop over a homebuilt?

I've been on the look out for a new cpu, mobo, case and ram recently, but while looking I found a refurbished E6300 desktop.
It has 12month warranty, its from a well known seller, XP Media Center, 1GB DDR RAM? (surely its DDR2), 160GB HDD, Dual Layer DVD RW Drive and GeForce 7300.
I don't need all that but I was gonna need to buy some new stuff because I'm gonna take out hdds and the gpu from my current one and give the old one to my mum.

Has anyone ever bought a refurbished before?
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  1. I wouldn't assume it's DDR2 ram, it's very possible it could be DDR. To get to your question, I've bought refurbished products before (i.e. my sound card), and haven't regretted it. If it's got a warranty and the price is right, I say go for it.
  2. but I thought you duo's were DDR2 only, I didnt think you could get mobos that supported DDR.
  3. Sweet thanks for all the info, I've been looking at cheap builds so I've mainly been looking at AM2s so I just figured Duo's were all DDR2.
    I've learnt something new today :D and gives me something to think about not building for a few weeks just researching.

    Thanks again
  4. I too like Gary have bought refurbished products before, and some came even with warranties.

    Also, how much is the refurbished desktop your currently looking at?
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