HD clone / mirror image /bootable HD

What HD cloning/Mirror image software have you found to be the best that works w/in the below parameters?

Must work w/in a Windows environment i.e.. no bootable CD/DVD
Must work with 64bit applications / OS
Device independent i.e... works with IDE, USB, SATA etc...
Cloned Drives are Directly Bootable i.e... no need to first boot from CD/DVD
Supports large drives 2tb
Will not stop if bad sectors are detected
Data is copied/verified bit-by-bit
copy raid drives to one drive or copy raid drives to new drive array
Will not partition remaining drive space on upgrade HD i.e.. incorporates new extra space automatically

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  1. Yes, Recently, I found this type of software. I suggest to use Acronis True Image Home Or R-Drive Image Software for creating same to same drive image. I used Acronis True Image Home software for creating drive image. Its fantastic software for creating drive image. When my OS crashed, I restored my system drive by using Acronis software and its work very well. :pt1cable:
  2. +1 for acronis.

    Weekly image of my Windows OS partition, only takes a few minutes (5-10) to make, and takes about the same to completely restore the partition.
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