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So here goes

My explorer.exe is having prblems when I open a folder or a certain folder, usually when opening a folder with Movie files in it, it pauses for a second then closes down the window, the taskbar and in a couple of seconds refreshes back to normal again and I can never get access to the file, but on other cases it can hang and it uses up the cpu to make it run at a 100% until i open up the Windows Task Manager and end explorer.exe and then things seem to be normal again, unless I attempt to go back in the folder again

I use AVG as a Virus prog to see if I can find something but it finds nothing

I use killdisk to format my HD, this time I didnt and the thing was still there (maybe i shouldve used like i usually do)

so if you know whats going on, please let me know or can help in any way, plus if you need more info, let me know and i'll do my best to inform you, thanx in advance

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  1. What is Killdisk? I like the sound of it and might try it myself but this shoul dnot affect your windows install. Did you format your drive using NTFS or FAT?

    Sounds like your windows is corrupt. Try running system file checker. You will need your xp cd in the drive. Click start and run and type cmd into box and click Ok to start a command prompt.

    Then type sfc /scannow and hit enter. You might get a message that files are in use and SFC will run next time you reboot. Do this now and when you log back on it should run SFC.

    If not try restoring your computer to an earlier time using system restore.

    While you have your cd in the drive you might as well run chkdsk to check the integrity of your file system. Reboot comp and hit any key to boot from CD when you get the option. (If this doesn't happen go into your BIOS and make first boot device CD and try again. When you get the option hit R to start the recovery console. Type the number of the partition you want to recover mine is 1. Type in the administrator password and wait until you can type again. Type chkdsk c:/p/r and hit enter. If any errors found you get message "found one or more errors on drive" at the end. Repeat chkdsk c:/p/r until it doesn't find any errors. Then type exit to reboot.

    If you still get the problem you will probably need to reinstall windows. Make sure you have backed up all your data and documents just in case but all files and settings should be safe and programs should still run fine. You will need to reinstall all your windows updates again though. From inside windows insert the XP CD in drive and wait until you get the message to install. Choose upgrade option to avoid formatting everything and loosing the entire contents of your drive.

    If this still doesn't work then looks like you will have to reformat using your killdisk
  2. Sorry my post has smiles wher ethey are not supposed to be. Should read C colon /p/r or C: /p/r not C: /p/r
  3. Ignore last post just to be sure the syntax is chkdsk C: /p/r
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