Hp dv 2000 problems galore

8 hrsf shopping for a new computer,my HAPPY day went from a 10 to a 1 >>picked out 4 computers, all had hardware problems, and watching them take 21 computers off the Best Buy Showroom floor, didnt give me much confidence when my brand new comp, acted up IMMEDIATELY, had it in my possession less then 15 hrs. I took it back for full refund$699.00..>>>> I then went to pick up my OLD computer from comp. tech, and he had laptop for sale, fell in love with its size n the fact it would be great to not be attached to a wall in my room lol, I've been having nothing but problems with it , thought it might be me n not computer BUT KNOW IT'S COMPUTER NOW.. its an HP Pavillion Entertainment PC dv 2000 , now I have read all the stories of everyones, I DEFINITLY am going tomarrow n get money back, IF I CAN..my computer was XP but now has (windows 7), I think that could be adding to an already exsisting problem with it...blue screen /fragmented words /pixel problem on some sites/
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  1. Sorry to hear this.

    Perhaps you should make a post on the laptop forum or system forum and ask for advice on purchase for your future laptop or desktop computer.

    The HP Pavillion DV2000 series of laptop is notoriously famous for its overheating problem. There is even a class action against HP for that laptop. Wherever you are buying that laptop from, they are not being honest.
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