Getting windows to see more than 4 drives

Microsoft says it can't be done, but my Ga-K8u MB supports 6 across 2 raid hookups and 2 ide hookups. And Gigabyte told me the Microsoft statement is BS.

I'm using my SCSI drive in IDE mode but using as a raid drive didn't change this.
The drive setup is a single WD3200 SCSI drive in IDE mode. (Booting from IDE channel 2)
A single CD burner mastering the IDE0 channel (the only place NERO will see it) I snagged it from an Emachine.
A single WD1000 slaved to IDE 0.
2 more WD1000 drives on IDE 1

All drives are working fine and it's the slave drive on IDE 1 that windows can't see.

BIOS sees it fine as does my Linux install. (not a dual boot setup, os is determined by HD boot priority)

Sorry if this has been covered before, but the search engine here doesn't work properly and will only allow access to the first page of results.

Gives the no match page if you try to access any other pages than the first although my query gave over 300 results.


Dug around windows and found the solution myself.

Here's the method if anyone is interested.

Look up the computer management applet in control panel/administrative tools.
Open the disk management icon in the file explorer type window that will pop up.

Notice that the upper and lower windows will disagree on exactly how many drives the system actually contains.

Find the extra drive in the lower window and confirm it is the drive you have installed. (should say "foreign volume" if it's used or "not active" if it's new.)

Right click on the drive and click "activate volume" if you can, otherwise click "import volume". In the next menu choose "simple" and your good to go.

Oddly enough this is identical to the method used for activating SCSI drives on a windows install on an IDE drive.

Go figure.
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  1. thanks for posting back your solution. I wasn't even aware this was an issue. I have 4 SATA drives all recognized, and an IDE HDD recognized as well for a total of 5... so no problems here. But I know what to do if I ever run into the issue now...
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