vista gaming problem help help help

i can run Front lines: Fuel of War with all the graphic settings turn to max on 1280 x 1024 on windows xp very smoothly (60fps).

on vista i get 40fps but time to time it keep stuttering. i mean still it run very smoothly for second fps down 5 or 7 and next second it jump back to 40fps like it's stucks and play stucks and like bio shock ,call of duty,crysis i can run very smoothly on vista with all the graphic setting turn to max.i got the same problem with black site and company of hero's opposing fronts on vista but on windows xp those are fine too.

i did all thins know like update drivers and patching now i don't know what do ?

vista ultimate sp 1

intel core 2 duo E6600

asus P5B-E

kingston 4GB 8OOMhz

asus 8800GTS TOP

creative audigy value

asus 450w PSU

maxtor 250GB 72OORPM

( my system cooling is fine to)
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  1. what version of driver r u using.
    and what is the 12V amp rating. 450W is very minimum requirement i believe.i think that is the problem
  2. nvidia driver is nv16925_Vista32 and my PSU got 12v 29amps
  3. I read something about anti-aliasing and this game, something about it being supported under DX 10 but not under DX 9. I have no idea if this is true. It was a snippet on a message board. But I would try to turn off AA in Vista and see if that helps.
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