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Hmm... I don't know if it's a problem, but... When I'm using Microsoft Update, it take ages to look for the available updates for my PC... It keeps scanning my PC for almost 20 minutes, and my PC gets very slow when I'm doing it... Is it normal???

And... Is there any date set for SP3 to be released??
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  1. Windows Update is fine... but I do find that Microsoft Update is indeed very slow when it comes to scanning for updates. Even if you don't have Office installed, it still seems to take forever.
  2. I bought my computer pre loaded and found a program called autopatcher from autopatcher.com. (sorry no link)

    Dont let the name scare you. It gathers the patches and lets you choose what and when you want to patch with a decent explanation on what it is. It also provides links to the MS articles.

    Its free has forums (dont know how good) and is updated regularly.
    It doesnt keep calling home either.
    Until something better comes along I will keep using it. I dont relly prefer the Msoft experience either.

    Sp3 was supposed to be 2nd half 2008 last I heard.
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