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Is there a way in which I can connect both my speakers and my headset to my soundcard?

I use the headset for gaming, so that's the most important to me quality and availability-wise.

I could connect the headset into the soundcard but then have nowhere to put the speakers. Vice versa with the speakers.

I could connect the speakers into the soundcard and then plug the headphones into the speakers (there are headset ports in the front of my speakers).

Would this degrade the quality of my sound into the headset? (Headset quality is what matters the most to me; speakers are just for ocassional music/etc - gaming is done through the headset)

Thank you!
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  1. I was just going to post this question to everyone, too. There is something from CreativeLabs that you can get: The X-Fi I/O Drive Upgrade. It is an adapter that plugs into the front-panel port on the card and extends it to the front, giving you separate headphone and aux inputs.


    If you use the ones on the speaker, it won't auto-detect the connection and switch to the virtual surround for headphones. You have to go in and change the sound profile manually. I am currently using the headphone jack on my speakers and it sounds good. I wonder if there is a difference.

    I would get the I/O adapter but it is $70 and I don't really feel like spending that much on it. Does anyone know of an alternative to this?
  2. There are couple of solutions. Forgive me for not too good on exact terms. I hope you can understand me.

    I have this


    This is if you are using just the headphone jack. if you have xfi forte, then you can simply hook the speakers and headphones on separate outputs.
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