script that force-starts offline file sync?

We use the XP offline files sync service at work, but it only syncs when you turn the computer completly off. If i wanna take the laptop to a meetingroom I dont wanna do the entire shutdown/reboot process.

Is there a script / cmd that forcestarts the sync that takes place when you turn the computer off?
(the "tools -> sync" and programs -> accesories -> sync doenst work. (It doenst show the offline folder))

I dont know if those options are diffrent from what happens if you do a shut-down sync, but thats what im after. A "shortcut" to start the shutdown sync, without rebooting.
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  1. If you can call the sync from a batch file then this is easy.

    Here is a script I wrote for myself so when I went to bed It didn't matter if I fell a sleep before the program had finished. It is to basically play an episode of friends in media player and shutdown the PC when it ended
  2. Sorry I forgot to add the script. I have added it at bottom of this reply. It loads a program with above normal priority. You can tinker around with it and substitute media player to call your off line files sync. The bit in Quote marks is a screen message to yourself and can say anything. The time is in seconds so substitute the 1500 to say as many seconds as you want.

    Start a new txt document on the desktop and copy the txt I have into it and change the media player bit, the message in quotes and the timings and then save and close. Rename it to Offline sync.bat you will get a message about changing the file type just agree to it. Paste everything after now:

    @Echo Off
    shutdown -c "Controlled System Shutdown in 1500 seconds (25 mins)" -s -f -t 1500
    start /AboveNormal C:\"Program Files"\"Windows Media Player"\wmplayer.exe %1 %*
  3. I suggesst you do another batch file in the same manor to cancel everything if you change your mind. It also works for that virus that brings a message and says it is shutting the system down in so many seconds.

    Just create the batch file and rename it to abort.bat add the following txt:

    shutdown -a
  4. thanks, but not quite what I ment.

    You told me how to launch a script if I had it, but I am askinf for the script that actualy does the syncronizing.

    If no such thing exists, are there any other 3rd party software that can start the offline-files sync without rebooting?
  5. Harlequinn - there is a 2003 Server Resource Kit utility called csccmd.exe. It gives you the ability to manage your client side cache (the store where your offline files are kept). One feature is to make you work offline. See the following article:

    good luck
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