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Budget build for a friend

Last response: in Systems
May 15, 2007 4:42:24 PM

I'm trying to put together a budget build for a friend, and have so far come up with the following components (prices in Euros):

[*:31bd3feb3a]Case: Antec Nine Hundred = ~100 (maybe a bit less)
[*:31bd3feb3a]CPU: C2D E4300 = 114
[*:31bd3feb3a]Motherboard: Gigabyte 965P-DS3 = 116
[*:31bd3feb3a]Memory: 1GB Kingston ValueRAM PC2-6400 = 50
[*:31bd3feb3a]Gfx card: 7600GT or X1650XT = (still looking for one around 110 - if not, then 7300GT = 75)
[*:31bd3feb3a]HDD: 250GB SATA 7200.10 = 60

The idea is to OC the CPU to 2.4GHz with stock cooler and no volt mods. If I can do that with a cheaper motherboard, then I'm open to suggestions.

The PC will only be used for basic day-to-day stuff - nothing intensive. OS will be WinXP. I'll need to throw in a cheap DVD RW. I have an old Antec 480W PSU lying around that I can drop in there also.

If you can come up with any suggestions on cheaper components with similar quality, then please let me know.

Please bear in mind that components are generally a bit more expensive here in EU :p 

Thx in advance for any suggestions.

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May 15, 2007 6:01:02 PM

That is a nice case, so you could shave some money off of the case, unless your friend is sold on the case. I have an E4300 and it is a good budget overclocker. That is a good motherboard for overclocking the E4300, but you could save quite a bit of money getting one with integrated video if (s)he doesn't game. The motherboards with integrated graphics don't OC as well, but 2.4 GHz isn't much of an OC for an E4300. The hard drive is a good budget choice.
May 15, 2007 6:36:03 PM

I was thinking I could cut back on the case, but living in Spain I place a lot of importance on good ventilation.

I didn't think to look for integrated graphics solutions - I will investigate this further.

Thx for the response.