What happened to Bit Torrent.com

I went to download the Bittorrent app from Bittorrent.com the other week and the website was down. Actually all of their websites were down including their forums.

The website to this day are still down. Does anyone know what happened?

I googled around, and didn't find any news on this.

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  1. They may have got in trouble again.
    Utorrent is a good app. that I use alot. Good speed.
  2. I went to:


    And was able to access both the site and their forums.

    If you can't access the above site, then it's possible that you have an application that is blocking the site. Do you happen to have a web content filter on your computer?
  3. LOL, you're right webguru.

    The only thing I have on my computer is Spybot Search & Destroy.

    Another friend tried the site was well and it was down for him too. Same situation.

    Trying it at work, I'm able to hit it.

    I wouldn't of suspected Spybot of doing this. Interesting.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. Frenchy,

    You're welcome, glad that I could help.

    I've never used Spybot Search & Destroy, but try adding bittorrent.com to your safe list. Most Anti-Virus programs have such a list.

    If that does not work, try temporarily disabling your Anti-Virus program. However, DO NOT download any torrents without it enabled.

    Post back if you need more help. :)
  5. disabling that wont work ^^

    Spybot, edits your Hosts file with a list of dangerous sites that redirects you to your own computer, it does this so if it is disabled the filter will still work.
  6. In my last post I thought I had things figured out. Turns out I was wrong.

    It was not Spybot Blocking it.

    I had a friend bring over her laptop and she wasn't able to access Bittorrent.com either from my network and she never had Spybot.

    Then I got to thinking, is Comcast blocking this website? As I can't even resolve the IP of the website.

    I also talked to another friend who has comcast and he wasn't able to access the website. He's the same as me where he also has a static IP address and is Commerical class and not residential class.

    I called up Comcast and asked if they block websites. The tech claimed they didn't. He did a little digging while on the phone and said he was able to access it and that Bittorrent.com is the one actually blocking me.

    He said that my public static IP address is what is being blocked. He said if I went to dynamic IP, it might work. I didn't try that as I host some websites.

    So very interesting. I'm going to visit the bittorrent.com forums and post a message there about this and see what's up.

  7. For those interested, I posted a message on the bittorrent.com forums about this.


  8. I have read in the past that comcast blocks torrent sites.
    There are sites that you can goto that become a proxy for you so you can do what you want and comcast doesnt block.
    I think it was the mininova forums that I saw it.
  9. No one on the bittorrent.com forums answered my question.

    Makes me sad as this issue is really bugging me although it's not critical as I don't visit www.bitrorrent.com very often.

    It's just bizarre that I need to go through a proxy server such as NinjaProxy.com to visit that website.

  10. I have Comcast and am able to a it.
  11. Do you have commercial class Comcast with a static IP? I've found others using Comcast can access it but they were using a dynamic IP instead of static. I'm not sure what's so special about static IPs.

  12. No, I have residential with dynamic IP.
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