Red color missing. help plz!!!

The Monitor: Samsung932b plus (lcd 19")
Computer1: Athlon2600+ Barton , onboard Asrock k7s41
Everything working fine at this one.
Computer2: Athlon thunderbird, MoBo ECS M825VXX. Bios date: 04/2/01, Video: GeForce4 MX 4000

I have no idea why the color red is missing on this pc. Already toyed around with the plug and it is
correctly plugged. Already mentioned that with the same plug the monitor works fine on pc1.

Thank you for the help!!
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  1. Update:
    Plugged the monitor back on the first pc and the color red is missing too!
    Luckily I had another cable and everything went back to normal as soon as I used it.

    Kind of strange though. Does that mean that the first plug is now corrupted aka unusable? Are they so fragil? all the pins seem correctly alined.

    Thx Ygrasil
  2. They are fragile and yes if its been coiled up tightly or abused or used for tying the mrs to the kitchen sink (or other places) then chances are its damaged inside. In fact any electrical or other type of cable can get damaged if tightly wound or bent up. Games console controllers and audio cables are also delicate and commonly broken in this way. Beware you have been warned.

    Im guessing when you say first plug you mean the standard 15 pin monitor cable? Are you sure all the pins are straight at both ends? If it is 15 pin check you have 15pins at both ends. One may easily have broken off. Why you are at it a pin might well have broken off inside PC1 and maybe still there. Pins are the most common culprit but imagine 15 tiny seperate wires running inside that outer cable. They must be pretty thin!
  3. Thx for your time mafadecay.

    Yes I'm talking about the standard 15 pin monitor cable. For about a couple of weeks I was using it on one pc.

    Well, today I dediced to test the monitor on another pc: pulled all the plugs out, took the monitor away and plugged it on the other pc using the same cables which were working perfect at the time.

    Then as soon as I plug the monitor the red color is not showing.
    Took the monitor back to its original station, plugged it in (hoping for it to work fine again) but the same problem arose: no red color.

    Then tried a new standard 15 pin monitor cable and everything is back to normal. The old cable seems ok, all 15 pins aligned at both ends.

    Interestingly while searching for an answer I found most of the problems had to do with the color RED missing.Now I'm just wondering why the this problem does not come around the blue and green components.
  4. Hmmm! Good question why is it just red not blue and green. It may have something to do with the 2 red video pins (I.e. red video and red ground) are pin 1 and pin 6 respectivly on the VGA standard cable. They both take up the top right corner of the cable.

    Considering 85-90% of the worlds population is right handed this might cause them to put the cable in at a certain angle meaning these 2 pins (1 & 6) connect first so are most used for aligning the socket. Its just an educated guess or call it a hunch based on facts. Not all 15 pins are used in most circumstances. In fact you can get away mostly with using only 7 pins.

    BTW I only know this useless trivia as we used to make up our own cables for all sorts of things and once needed a very long 25m video cable to mount a VGA monitor on the ceiling in an office.

    If you really want to get technical see this site:
  5. This happened to my old L170 IBM ThinkVision 17" LCD when I plugged it into a friend's PC. It had an nVidia GeForce video card.

    When I plugged back into my laptop, the red was missing - gone black. I too assumed pin damage but on checking I found none. Also, it worked fine on the GeForce machine.

    Tried the LCD on a different desktop - same result! Tried on another ThinkPad - same result. OK, tried it back on the GeForce PC - red's back!

    I couldn't use the monitor with my laptop - not even for spreadsheets so I turned it off and forgot about for over a month.

    Today, I turned it on and voila - its good again!

    Read somewhere it had to do with accumulated charge which needed to be grounded or something and it shorts out the VGA port - but am not sure it was the case here...
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