Cannot Boot XP Even In Safe Mode...Help

I cannot boot a friends XP computer,Even in safe mode ect.
It started by saying XP cannot display desktop innsuficient resources.
When I restarted it as It would do nothing,not even ctrl alt del to task manager ect,It did a disk check, I did not see result.
Then it boots only to safe mode ect, when you click safe mode it just tries then comes back to the safe mode, safe mode with net ect.
I tried to re install XP repair but it says to accept press F8, but when you press F8 Nothing works the only button that does something is esc and then it cancels tries to boot and then back to the safe mode selection.
Please Help is this a failed ram issue...??
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  1. Depress F lock key.
  2. is your keyboard working well? if it does then either something killed your XP or hardware problem...try to format hdd and install fresh XP again.
  3. Hey badge, Whats the F lock key?
  4. The F Lock key is a hardware switch in the keyboard. Its state cannot be controlled programmatically. Its default condition is "off".As a result, whenever the keyboard is reset, or loses power, the F Lock key will always be in an "off" state. i don't think your problem is F lock key.
  5. Also if it is in some way F lock prob ,here's the link that could help.
  6. Press num lock key on and off to see if it lights up. Try unplugging keyboard and check pins if PS/2 type keyboard. Hoover out the conections incase any dust in there. Has anything been spilt onto the keyboard?

    If your keyboard is USB try another USB port and note your BIOS needs to be set to boot on USB keyboard.
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