Computer crashes while downloading files from the internet

I am having a issue with my XP machine.

I am running XP professional
2gb Corsair pro ram
AMD X2 6000
Asus Crosshair AM2 motherboard
8600 Graphics Card
1 WD 320gb Main HD
1 WD 500gd Secondary
1 Maxtor 500gb Secondary

The problem is that when ever I try downloading large files from the web my computer goes Blue Screen on me and
has these messages

Kernal Stack Inpage error


Also I get Process or thread crucial to system not functioning

And Windows System error unknown hard error

These are what I have seen so far, and it only happens when I download form the internet.
Not when transferring files or doing any other process.

Also it doesn't matter what HD I am downloading to or if I am using a download program or the standard IE download.

I can't seem to find any info related to my problem any where.

I have run diagnostic software form PC Doctor on my PC and Nothing comes back bad.

The Hard Drives have all checked out with the diagnostic program as well.

I am at a lost and have no idea how to go about fixing it.

I have a feeling it is either motherboard or software related.

If you have any suggestions please help.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have started to get lots of BSOD do you have lots of free space? I would run memcheck for a while. Its on a boot CD and just constantly checks memory on a loop. This will let you know if your RAM is bad. Personally I still think there may be a HD fault in there somewhere. Check see if all your cards and cables are seated properly including USB ports. Could be FTP problems are you running wireless if so what hardware?
  2. here is a couple of links that may be helpful.
    One of them speaks of the event viewer. Do that. and see if it gives any additionial info.
  3. I was running on a wire less connection, but I have a hard connection via the mother board either net connection.

    The Two WD drives have plenty of free space maybe only 20% full the Maxtor is about max out.

    I will check out your suggestions and see if they help fix the problem.
  4. I had the error today again and this was the error message.

    Kernal Stack Inpage Error


    Stop: 0xc0000185 0x00000000 0x0049c00

    This is maybe the second time I have received this particular message.

    If Any one knows how to decode this please help.

    I have looked at the links above and there is a description of what the error messages are but I am not advanced enough to fix the problem.

    Is it possiable to downloads too fast and overload the HD.

    I get 780k average when downloading. Some times I have multiple files running 700k each.

    Could this cause the problem.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. here are a few more links I found googleing
    stop: 0x00000077 (0x00000185
    Are your 2 500g drives setup as raid or master/slave on the same channel? If on the same channel be sure the jumpers are set one as master and one as slave.
  6. I decided to run a few more test today.

    I transfered files roughly 80gb from my sata 500gb to my main sata 320gb and after about 25% transfered the computer crashed.

    I repeated the process with the maxtor 500gb and the sata 320gb with nearly the same results.

    I then transfered the same data from the maxtor 500gb to the sata 500gb and they completely finished.

    This led me to the conclusion that there was an issue with my main HD the WD sata 320gb.

    I ran the chkdsk.exe program and did'nt get any errors that I know of.

    I have been wanting to upgrade the main HD to a WD Raptor 150gb 10,000rpm so I decided that now would be a good time.

    I installed a fresh copy of XP Pro Sp2 on the raptor.

    It has seemed to fix my problems that I have been having since day one of my computer build.

    I have been able to transfer file from all HD with no problems and the download problem has not been an issue so far (fingers crossed).

    So I believe the problem was caused from the WD 320gb and not the motherboard.

    I however cannot rule out a software issue because of the fresh windows install but I have noticed much better performance all around that matches more in my mind to what the computer should be able to do, that it wasn't performing with the WD 320.

    I will be giving newegg or WD a call soon for a replacement drive.

    Thank you guys for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  7. @bigd357, If you haven't already to be on the safe side test your memory
  8. Glad to see that you got it sorted out. I read in a couple of the links I gave about the WD issue and hoped that wasnt the trouble but im glad to see that you saw it also and trouble shot until you knew for sure.

    ps one thing to possibly try would be to see if a firmware update is available for the drive. I hate to see a working drive go to the crapper. I would think that WD has to be aware of the problem.
  9. I have that dive hooked up as a slave now and I am going to play around with it and see it the problems still arises.

    Hopefully I can salvage it.
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