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I'm using Microsoft Publisher 98. When I try to print a publication, I get the message "Cannot find printer HP photosmart 7200 click OK to select another printer". I click OK and get the message "Windows is low on memeory close other applications before proceeding". I used ctrl,alt,del and my RAM is 2.5GB and available RAM is 2.0GB. I have 2 printers. The 7200 is used for photos and an HP Photosmart 7400 is my daily workhorse. Both printers work in other applications and are properly installed. They were both turned on at the time. I reinstalled the app and still get the same result. Any suggestions?
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  1. HI!
    I susddenly get the same error message from both Word 95 and Publisher 98 that states MS no longer supports either program and I can upgrad to 2007 for $149.00. Both are PAID FOR and were working just fine. I do NOT want rto upgrade -- just keep using both programs as I paid for back in 95 and 98. PLEASE throw me a life preserver -- I am drowning.
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