Mozilla Firefox stopped working?

Hey guys, i just updated to firefox 3.05 and, well, it wont work... it doesn't load pages, just like if i had no connection, so now i am forced to use internet explorer.

I tried going back to 3.04 but still doesn't work.

I am using windows XP
4gigs ram
Dlink DI-524 router
using cable internet share with 3 computers via a router, but my computer's on demilitarized zone, so its wide open, mainly for gaming and torrenting purposes.

Also one thing, is i disabled Upnp settings to play GTA IV online several weeks ago, way before firefox stopped working (it works like a wonder now though, i wasn't able to join games before with Upnp enabled)
I'v got Gaming mode enabled on the router, but allways had, never had problems
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  1. in firefox try,

    tools > options > Advanced > Network > Settings

    tick 'No Proxy', alternatively you can also try the option to 'Auto Detect'
  2. once applyed make sure to restart firefox ;)
  3. And if it still doesn't work you can also install Mozilla Seamonkey until you are waiting for the stable version of Firefox 3.1 to be released.
  4. Try to delete the profile folder. Whenever you install a new version of FF, the old setings remains, even buggy ones.
  5. Hello my friend and others i had same problem my mozilla firefox stop working for the last week i upadated the firefox 10 i search the web and found this one you have to upgrade to Aurora 12 i thot when i installed the browser i lost everything that it loaded all my same stuff is favorites from mozilla firefox i save that i had load the 2 pages i save and i was back to normal works great.
    Just go here this fixs everthing for you.
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