OCZ dual channel DDR2 RAM run fast?

Does OCZ dual channel DDR2 RAM actually perform as manufacturer claimed?

Does it run faster than single channel DDR2 RAM?

Is it just marketing gimmick?
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  1. How high does yours go?I have the SO which is quite the same as gold i think and while i can ran it at 1Ghz when the FSB is at 400 it doesnt go higher than 435.Maybe its the CPU i guess.
    A bit off topic- (sorry) In fact we have the same system except the graphics.
  2. It depends on the system and what application are you using for. Sometimes there's a noticeable difference, especially in gaming and sometimes barely none. What sticks is it precisely?
  3. I have old single core 3.2GHZ OC to 3.34 GHZ.
    OCZ 1GB premiere dual channel + 1 GB crucial plain jane DDRRAM
    Asus P4C800 deluxe motherboard.

    How can I over clock the DDRRAM? Can someone help me out? I look at the BIOS and the highest frequency for ram is 400MHZ. Am I missing something here?
  4. As i see you have different brands of RAM and thats not good if you plan to overclock.Anyway i cant remember how the 875 mobos were working with RAM.If noone else give an answer till tomorow , i`ll look the one we have at the office.Or you can check ASUS on the web if you`re in a hurry.
  5. wth happened with forumz today? :lol:
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