Boot into an ISO Manager!

I’m looking for an application that I thought would be pretty easy to find but apparently nobody has thought of this idea.

I’m a computer technician, and as one, I carry around discs. Applications, operating systems and rescue discs, as well as drivers and backups.
Last month I bought brand new portable external hard drive with 320GB of space and I couldn’t be happier, all those CDs/DVDs I use to carry around with me, I can now just make into ISOs and use DAEMON Tools or Power ISO to mount them as a virtual drive.

The problem is, I can’t do this with BOOTABLE discs.
So I still need to carry around all my rescue discs and operating system install discs.

I WISH there was a program that I can install on my external drive, along with a folder called ISO’S that whenever I connect my external hard drive to a new computer, I choose to boot from it and it loads a virtual drive and gives me a list of the ISOs files available on the folder.

I choose the ISO, and the program boots from it.

A PRE-OS Virtual Drive Manager!

That would save me so much time and make my job a lot easier, plus I can stop carrying discs around and just use my hard drive for everything!

Has anybody seen anything like that around? Anything at all?

Please let me know!
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  1. never seen anything like it, but it is possible to make your USB stick bootable, you could then place a copy of windows xp on your USB and carry that around. Other than that there is no way to do what you want...

    thinking about it you could take the boot file off windows and modify it, although i dont think that would work for iso's.

    just for reference i use,

    Bart PE,
    Hiren Boot CD,
    Windows xp pro disk,
    and a disk of anti virus/spyware and registry cleaners from my own collection.
  2. I know it's a late post but for those interested try this:

    You can change the included ISO images.
  3. You hit the nail on the head. I'm looking for the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas about a virtual ISO boot disc?
  4. I was looking for a utility like this as well. I may have found it....
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