Partition problem for dual boot

I am not sure why I did this... but now I think it is too late.

C: 30 meg - For dual boot
D: 10 gig for future linux
E: 80 gig for WinXP

So I installed WinXp on E:
But, windows say C: and I think it is also using it...
Probably some boot stuff on it...
Anyway I can move everything to C after I resize it?
I do own partition magic
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  1. Dont exactly understand what you want help with. I would repartition with more sensible sizes and start again. Personally I would miss your 30mb partition as partition magic will work off 2 alone with its boot manager. Install XP to your first available (Ie. C:) and when you decide to go with Linux in the future this will go on D:
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