Why are there still no Atom based NAS?

Current NAS are simply too slow. As proved with WHS NAS can be very fast with the proper hardware.
With Diamondville Dual Core we could easily get a very fast NAS. Just why isn't there any manufacture doing it?
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  1. Is there anything ATOM based out yet?
    Want very fast NAS? DIY!
    VIA NAS 7800 looks like a good start.
  2. Atom procs were just released let alone time for companies to put products on the market.

    If you've got a last gen machine or enough parts to put together a low end machine, why even bother buying an off the shelf NAS? Especially when you can get a free and stable operating system like Openfiler and FreeNAS and have a NAS up and running in less than 20 minutes.
  3. Well if there is a Mini ITX case with good ventilation and 5 Disk Slot only, I would mind building up my own NAS.

    The problem is there isn't any. May be i am too impatient.
  4. I think that one of the problems is that there isnt a good chipset yet to go with the CPU. The one from intel is just not suited for the ATOM cpu, it consumes over 20watts. That is alot comparing it to the power the ATOM draws.
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