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Not sure where to put this but I have an HP laptop with the quickweb option. I was wondering if there is a way that I can replace it with google chrome and have it boot to that when I hit the internet button. Anybody know how?

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  1. Can I just clarify here. Is this:

    1: The quick boot systems where you start the laptop running a cut down OS so you can get on the net and play music files.

    2: Just a button that you can press while running Windows to open the web browser?

    If 1 then the answer is no. If 2 then the answer is probably but we'll have to do a bit of looking to find out how.
  2. The Answer would be 1. I just thought it would be cool because the stripped down HP OS is pretty poor. Thanks!
  3. You could however boot Chromium (or another Linux OS) from a USB drive for a very similar result. Let us know if you want to give it a try on a spare pen drive.
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