How to install Creative X-Fi USB Sound card on Ubuntu

I'm trying out Linux. I am totally new to Linux and decided to go with Ubuntu as most suggest that as a starting point.
I installed it on a USB pen drive [version 10.04] using the method given on their site. And I'm currently running off the USB.

I have Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB sound card and have no clue on how to get it working. Could someone please guide me to get this working.
Would love to switch to linux but hesitant to install onto the HDD if I cant get drivers to work correctly.

Here's a link to the product on Creative's Support Website
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    Check that out. Shouldn't be too difficult to follow, even for a beginner. The guide is for 8.04/9.04, but the process shouldn't have changed. Try that, and if you have any questions or issues (errors, etc.) then post here and let us know.

    Good luck,

    - Jesse
  2. Since I'm currently running from the USB drive, the settings will not be saved.

    I did however try it while on USB and got an error at step 3
    $ sudo gpasswd -a YOURUSERNAME pulse-rt

    it says that the group "pulse-rt"does not exist.
    And since a restart is required to complete this process, it didn't work cause it's a live CD running from USB.

    I'll have to find another drive or some space on my current HDD and install it and try these out.
    Will keep you posted on my progress.
    Once again thanks for providing help. Truly appreciate it.
  3. You could try to partition it or install Wubi from the Live USB in Windows.
  4. I actually tried Wubi first but it kept crashing for some reason, so I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.
  5. I wouldn't use Wubi personally. It is possible to make persistent live-USB drives, so maybe you could look into that. Not sure how large your USB stick is, so it might not work.
  6. its only 1 GB :(
  7. Maybe consider picking up a bigger USB drive, they're stupid cheap these days :)
    Something like that would work excellent.
  8. ^ +1

    Got a 4GB the other day for $16 AUD.
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