High end PSU "Worth it", for a non-sli/PCIE2.0

I'm looking at upgrading my system soon (Say, July 22nd, anyone?)

Current vs Future, for reference
E6400 --> Q6600
2 Gigs of Corsair VS Ram 667 --> 3 gigs of same ram
Western Digital 250 GB Digital Caviar SE
2.5 inch floppy
Asus P5B standard
Arctic Freezer Pro 7
2 120mm Fans (One Thermaltake, one Zalman, both not-quiet)
Sapphire X1650 Pro --> 2900 something (pro?), or 8800 GTS 320 mb
Thermaltake Matrix Mid-tower

I currently have a 535 Watt Enermax PSU, and I've done some research on the guides/various calculators, and it doesn't seem that it will hold up as well after the upgrade.

The Q6600 drains about twice as much power, and a higher level video card will drain almost twice as much again, with the extra PCIE connector... the X1650 pro takes all of its power from the PCIE slot, unlike the good cards of today.

I was looking at getting a Silverstone Olympia PSU (probably 750w, only 20 CAD more), simply because they have that single rail setup, which seems to be the best sort of set up right now from most reviewers. It's not like I'm ever planning on using Raid, or really overclocking (My system became unstable at 1333 mhz FSB, so I won't even be able to run the E6*50s from intel). And my motherboard doesn't support PCIE-2.0 or Crossfire or Sli.

But the real question is, would a PSU rated for so many watts really be worth it, for the next system? The Olympia series has great reviews (Tier one in that tiered system in the PSU101/102 link), but I haven't really heard of anyone using it, and Newegg is full of bad reviews for the 750 watt version. I understand I'll need somewhere like 600-650 watts, using the calculator and I intend on adding another HD eventually, maybe new disc-drives, anyways, so I don't want to upgrade again next month...

Next thing is, those Olympia series PSUs have those 8 pin PCIE power cords, am I going to end up paying a premium for something I may not ever use? If so, any other recommendations from your experience (If you want to look at pricing, use NCIX or Directcanada, as I am Canadian) would be appreciated.

Thanks it advance.
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  1. You're like the PSU god, Mpilch. Thanks for the quick reply.

    There's always an RMA, if it comes to the "Squeakiness" that some have complained of.

    So, in your opinion, no sense going for a cheaper PSU with less wattage, if I might just end up using it anyways? (I kind of agree, just want to see what others think)

    And yea, I was waiting for the 2900xt, but now it seems that I'll be putting my video card money towards a new CPU (PSU?)... and waiting, I guess, for a videocard (Dunno how long).
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