Fresh format and install of XP, now internet doesn't work!!

evga nForce 680i mobo
WinXPSP2 fresh install

I recently formatted my drive and reinstalled WinXP. Now I cant get on the internet. Nothing works, Network Connections is screwed up, it wont start the Firewall/ICS service, when I first enter Network Connections nothing is there. I looked at my hardware and 1394, NVIDIA Network Controller and Network Controller #2 are there, saying the devices are working, but there must be a driver or something that is conflicting with XP. I tried calling Time Warner my cable ISP, they had me try a few things none of which worked and said it was probably a problem with the NVIDIA controllers.

I am typing this from Linux Live Ubuntu, Firefox works fine. I also tried a winsock fix program and that didnt work either. Is there a way to get new NVIDIA ethernet controllers? I went to their site and looked under downloads and didnt see anything. I tried both the mobo drivers from the evga 680i CD and the newest nForce drivers. Neither work.

Does anyone have any advice? It would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have heared this problem before. There were 2 fixes but only one will work for you.

    1) Easy option use device manager to uninstall NVIDA network controller and reboot. Hopefully XP will find it itself. If prompted have the chipset CD in th edrive but do not use the install from CD manually point XP to the relevant driver section on the CD.

    2) You basically have to unistall all NVIDA devices in Add/remove programs and device manager apart form video drivers. Reboot and let XP find them again. But install your chipset drivers from CD but do not install the network manager and firewall.

    Apparently one of these will fix you but I have not tried personally.
  2. I used to have a gateway machine with an Nvidia chipset and for some reason , whenever you did a clean install windows recognized the network adapter but it never actually worked right until i installed all the motherboard drivers (which included the lan adapter )
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