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So i somehow did this awhile ago, but today i totally reinstalled ubuntu so it was the only OS on my lappy, but for whatever reason i'm having trouble even finding flash for chrome, when i go to adobes site it says it was included which i do believe is true for windows and mac, and i can't find it software center, and i can't find it in synpatic, so i'm a bit stumped
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  1. Flash is in the restricted repository. Make sure that is enabled then install flash player from synaptic.
  2. do you name of the file i need to get in the package center i'm having the hardest time trying to find it
  3. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser

    That's for Opera, but the process should be quite similar for Chrome.
  4. Flash-plugin-nonfree should find the flash package.
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