Ubuntu 10.10 feelings

Hey how are you guys feeling about 10.10?

I really like the netbook version. I like how streamlined the UI is. I think I might switch over a few of my PCs to 10.10 netbook. I really love the interface and the app store.

What's 10.10 been like for you guys?
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  1. I've been using the desktop version for about a month now. I have no complaints really, but I didn't really see any major differences between 10.04 personally. The default theme got a bit more orange, but that's about all I noticed :D
  2. I hate the netbook edition. 10.04 was so much nicer IMO. I have to use the trackpad too much with Unity and that is bad because my trackpad is small and just plain poor.

    UNE 10.10 was also horribly sluggish in the beta, to the point of being unusable, largely due to background processes sucking nearly 100% CPU time. I assume that's been fixed.
  3. 10.10 Netbook hangs on install on my 1001p.


    Works in VirtualBox tho.
  4. I've been having an issue with GDM lately... I seem to recall it happening in 10.04 for a brief period of time as well, but I'm not sure. At boot, gdm stops responding when I open a window, any application. I enter tty1, stop then start gdm, and all is well until the next reboot. Haven't had the time, or cared enough really to seek out a possible fix.
  5. I've been having similar issues with 10.04 following recent updates. Looks like they've been playing with X in a big way.
  6. Kubuntu 10.10 was great in a VM but as a Live environment I had graphical corruption, especially with GTK+ applications, and pasting from the clipboard took around 1/3 of a second. Holding down ctrl+v and then releasing it caused it to just sit there slowly pasting the clipboard contents over and over until it had done it as many times as I had "pressed" the key.
  7. I have had lots of issues on 10.04 but still using it and now with 10.10 so far so good.
  8. Quite strange. I installed 10.10 netbook and the netbook GUI didn't work and forced me to use the normal one.
  9. Hmm, strange indeed. Can't say I'm a big fan of the netbook GUI though, so it doesn't seem like much of a problem to me :lol:
  10. It was really weird.

    The disc at the end of installation gave an I/O error and wouldn't let me log in with the netbook interface.
  11. 10.10 is the best of the three Ubuntu distros I have tried so far. starting with 9.10. Not a great difference from 10.04 except the kernel , driver , software , and my title bar no longer disappears at random .
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