I can't find this anywhere and I am having a lot of systems problems. Now that I'm a member I will try searching again but every time I did before I just got a response of ask your question. Could have sworn I had joined but didn't find anything in my email. So sorry ahead of time and I will update if I find it. This driver seems to be a tough one. :o
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  1. Take a look at the problem description in the link below. If that matches up with what you are seeing, try the fix. If not, please explain what these problems are and include as much detailed information as possible. If you are seeing error messages please include those.
  2. I have never had one of these Microsoft downloads help with any problems I have had. And the same is true with this one. I need to reinstall the driver. Well, I did that. I need an updated driver and or firmware for the device which Gateway is horrible about and the manufacturer of the player doesn't seem to care much either.
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