Lan cards not working/after wake up/sleep

i wasn't sure where to put this in the software or hardware threads. But i've been having this problem that i haven't been able to figure out.

The other day i put my vista pc into sleep, that was actually the first time i've ever used sleep before i always shut down and start up than leave my computer on or putting into sleep. But anyways i put it into sleep, woke it up and my lan cards no longer work. (thank god i have a wireless card thats working). They show that cable still pluged in but they can't get a connection.
i also installed xp back on to my computer today and they still won't work, even after a complete os reinstall. I just don't understand what the heck happen.

if you have any clues on whats up, i would greatly appreciate it.
wireless is ok when your only a few feet away from the router but i would rather be pluged in.
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  1. Heres my system specs: Desktop

    Amd athlon 64 x2 4400+
    Asus m2n32-sli mobo. (nforce590sli)
    geforce 8800 gts 320mb
    4gb corsair xms pc6400
    seagate 3.0gb/s 500gb hard drive

    but theres 2 on-board nics, and neither one wants to "wake up".
    even after an os reinstall and cmos wipe.
  2. Poor man's solution:

    After awaking the system, go to device manager, click on Network Adapters, then highlight the LAN card that is still asleep. Then right click and select disable. Wait a sec, then right click and enable. Let me know if this works for you. Not eligant but gets the job done!
    - sysguru2
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