CD drive freezes XP

Greetings to all forum members. Can I pick your collective brains?

Whenever I insert a cd/dvd into my drive, and close the tray, my XP freezes. If there is no disc in the drive it still freezes but only for a few seconds while the drive tries to recognise the non existent disc.
The cd drive has been replaced. Optiarc/Sony drive is now installed but the old Lite-On was the same.
I have that drive on IDE and my other 4 hard drives are on SATA.

My investigations have found that if I open Computer Management, and watch the drives as I close the tray, one of the SATA drives changes from Healthy to Failed. Opening the tray again un-freezes the PC and I can re-activate the disc again.
I have swapped the cables over at the ports and the fault swaps to other drive. That would indicate that it is the port that is at fault. Looking back I remember that I have had problems with that drive, on that port, when booting and not be being recognised.

If I unplug the sata cable then boot up I obviously lose that drive but don't have the freezing problems.
Why only when I use the cd drive? I am stumped.
Any ideas?

thanks chaps

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  1. What have you got for a power supply? Four hard drives and a CD or DVD drive can be quite a burden power-wise. Since this happens mostly when you open the drive (the drive is then using power); this could potentially be the issue.
  2. I had thought of that, thanks. The system was already working fine with all drives drawing power and the fault appeared without warning. I have disconnected the harddisc that drops out when I use the cd drive. It works fine then. I can plug the harddisc back in via sata and once it picks it up again it all works well until I use the cd drive again. Weird. It has to be some irq conflict or something equally mad. Is there a way of testing that particular sata port on my board? Any decent testing software?
    thanks chaps
  3. I have re-thought about the power supply problem Zoron mentioned. I will disconnect a couple of drives and see if there any changes to my satas. cheers
  4. Problem solved with a rebuild. Fresh copy of XP and a change of what drive is my system disc. It's now a sata drive. Looks like the problem was with the ide drive not liking being on the same controller as the dvd. The sata drive failing was a red herring. All drives back working and doing as they are told. pheww
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