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I just install Linux (64) on my computer. I have Windows 7(64) running already the the same computer on different partitions but now i can not access my windows again. My greatest worry is i also hard another partition on the same computer and even cannot access that one too. Please somebody should help because i hard all my important documents on partition. I DID NOT FORMAT MY COMPUTER DURING LINUX INSTALLATION .... Now i can only access 6gb out of the 225 gb hard drive ...

MY computer specification
Toshiba satellite L300D
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    most distributions have "update-grub", this will allow you to boot into windows. (needs to be run with sudo)

    alternatively you can just mount your windows partition in linux.
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  3. I'm writing this on a Toshiba Satellite so I feel for ya. If you're dual-booting, you should have a list of operating systems on bootup that you can choose from. If you want to change the order (boot Windoze, for instance, so your wife doesn't freak out) download StartUp-manager and run it. If you just want to see your windoze files, you should be able to mount that partition with your file manager.
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