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Hello everyone 1st time poster long time reader. I was hoping you guys could help with getting a bit more out of my processor.

My system:
Asus A8N-SLI Premium
Amd 4400+ @ 2.530 (230 x 11)
Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro
Evga 7900GT CO's X2
2 gigs of OCZ Plat PC 3200
74 Raptor and WD 250 HD
Seasonic 600w s12
Thermal Take Armor with 250 Side Fan + 120 x 2

Right now my CPU is running at 2.5 with a max temp of 44C degress(room temp 70F). I would like to push it a bit more but if I push it to 231 and up, it locks up. I have not touched the voltage which is set at 1.39 (stock) I believe. What are some ideas that I could do to get a little bit more out of my processor. I am still pretty green at this (I am learning) step by step instructions would be great if possible. Help in any way would be appreciated.
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  1. You may need to use a divider for your memory, try dropping you CPU multi to 10x and run your HTT @ 260mhz, also change your HTT multi to 4x. At this point you will most likely need to change you memory speed to 266mhz, with the OC you should be brought back up higher. Im not sure what these settings will bring you memory speed up to as I dont have an AMD system anymore, but it was always DDR that hendered my AMD OC's on my last 3800+ X2 system. So playing with the divider and different multipliers may help with this. Remember to monitor your temps and dont go over 1.45v on air cooling for the processor and I wouldnt go over 2.8v on the mem either. Also when OC'ing AMD's it is best to try to keep the HTT speed as close to 1000 as possible (2000mhz HTT effective speed), that is why I suggested the 10x260mhz for 2.60ghz and the 4x HTT multi to make your HTT be at 1040 (2080mhz effective HTT). Hope this helps...its kinda all mixed up and somewhat confusing, but im sure you can figure it out!


  2. Thanks for the help! Honestly it is a bit confusing but I am starting to understand. You have to start some where! I will try to learn a bit more of what you suggested and have a go with it.

    Thanks again
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