I'm Back In The Game- What Apps?

As I discussed in an earlier thread, I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 10.10 and needless to say, I'm loving it. I have an older version on my desktop, but never really used it much. Actually, it may not be there at all anymore- who knows. Anyways, I figured it would be a good idea to get some suggestions for everyone's favorite Linux based apps for those out there interested in adding onto their install. So, the question is, what does everyone use on a daily basis and what does it do (i.e. the point)?

The only addition that I have made thus far has been Opera. I simply cannot browse with anything else:D
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  1. Gnome-terminal :D
  2. You Opera people are strange folk :D

    Gnome-terminal is one of the most useful apps out there. Pidgin is great for an IM client (Empathy is still a bit too "in-development" for me, but it looks promising). Transmission is included for a bit torrent client, works great. GIMP is good for image manipulation.

    Bit hard to say "Download this app!". What kind of things are you wanting to do?
  3. GIMP is great but I have no idea why nobody has thought of making simple shape tools. Want to make a rectangle? Select a rectangular area and then "stroke" the selection. Who came up with that idea?
  4. Not an app related deal, but something strange occurred earlier. I installed 10.10 via a "side by side" install and not on a separate partition. So, when I booted into Windows from it, I got a "chkdsk" for some odd reason. So I ignored it and went into Windows. Restarted to see if I'd get the chkdsk again and boom, no boot. I got stuck at a prompt with "grub" in it. I assumed that the boot manager was messed up somehow, so I used my Windows disk to clear it, which worked (i.e. the command prompt line fixmbr). To play it safe, so I could back some things up, I wiped the Ubuntu install out for the time being.

    Anyone know what happened? If I reinstall, should I do so on a separate partition?
  5. Might have buggered with the MBR or something. *shrugs*. Did you install using Wubi?

    If you (you should ;) ) do a re-install, do it on a separate partition, installing using the standard installation CD/live CD. That's the best way to go about doing it, imo.
  6. If you have two hard drives then it can cause problems because GRUB only installs part of itself in the MBR and the rest in /boot/grub. If that folder is on a different drive GRUB gets lost and drops to a recovery environment. It can be configured to work across multiple drives I think but it's easier to install it to the MBR of the drive you have Ubuntu on and set that as your first boot drive. It will chainload your drive with Windows when you pick the Windows GRUB menu entry. I've done this and have installed many distros without my Windows bootloader ever being touched.
  7. I got it going again. This time I just did a separate partition. Strange this is that I never had this issue before with it on a separate hard drive on my desktop, i.e. I have 4- use a V. Raptor for the W7 boot drive and the rest for storage. I used one of the storage drives as the ubuntu drive for simplicities sake and never had an issue. Hmmm...who knows. At first I thought it could have been a bad hard drive, but various diagnostics tell me its fine, so at least that's not an issue. I was kind of hoping it was so I had an excuse to get a small SSD, but such is life;)

    Thanks for the help good sir!
  8. Don't forget to run

    $sudo dpkg -r opera && sudo dpkg --purge opera ;)
  9. :D Right now I'm sticking with Firefox until I get everything set up.
  10. buwish said:
    :D Right now I'm sticking with Firefox until I get everything set up.

    I was just buggin' you anyways :D :kaola:
  11. O I know. I also know that hardly anyone uses Opera, perhaps like 2-3% of the market, so I like to talk it up whenever possible to stick in the craws of FF and Chrome users:D Nothing wrong with Chrome or FF mind you, it's just that I've been using Opera for awhile now and using anything else is comparable to going to an area of China where they speak Mandarin (well, most of the country). I'd be lost!;)
  12. What i don't like about Opera (and Chrome) is that they often ignore font configuration and apply their own settings, which are downright hideous.
  13. Opera - No ABP, NoScript or Better Privacy = Non viable web browser.

    How people survive without I do not know.
  14. Opera 11 will support addons at least.
  15. Indeed. Who knows though when it'll be out for public consumption.
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