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I am not understanding how this works... If someone could guide me in the right direction. that would be great.

Linux Admin 1 Lab 9
1) (10 points) Configure apache successfully on your system. Set up a small simple webpage
instead of the default page. Make sure the page contains an HTML head, page title that shows
the class name in the window title bar, and a body that contains your name. Show your
index.html file
2) (5 points) Create a second enabled site and directory by copying the 000-default file in the sitesenabled
subdirectory. Show the second index.html file and a wget output of getting that file.
3) (10 points) Create a password protected subdirectory of the main site and verify correct
password operation with wget with and without correct authentication. Show the results from
wget in both cases.
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  1. Stop asking for homework help please. We've already made it quite clear that we're not going to do your homework for you.

    Use Google, seriously; those are VERY easy questions.
  2. I think i made it clear that i do not want you to do it for me, i want help to figure it out, and thanks for proving your lake of maturity. I did use Google and I do not understand it....

    Honestly your being quite rude, This is a open forum for anyone to come on and ask questions, and i asked a simple question, it is pointless for you to wast your tine responding if you do not want to help.

    Simple put, If you have a link, and or something to say that can guide me along that would be most helpful.
  3. No, you have that backwards... YOU are being rude. Forum etiquette requires that you have at least read the manual's and briefly used the search function... You have not done either. You are asking us to regurgitate information that is relatively common knowledge and already well documented on your system.

    Seriously read the damn manual ("man apache", HELP.TXT, INSTALL.TXT etc...) page. Its all in there.
  4. Have you thought of taking up plumbing instead of studying computers? You seem to be struggling with some very basic concepts.
  5. Ask your teacher for help. This isn't a professional tutoring service.
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