Blue Screen of Death Help, Please.

I have a computer that frequently BSoD's on me.

Thier seem to be 2 different codes.

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT (9 out of 10 times)
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL(1 out of 10 times)

Now I know that PFN bsod is typically RAM related.
And I know the IRQL is hinting a Driver error.

So I figure that the 2 together are probably screaming that bad data is being fed to my RAM by one of my drivers.

The problem is, WHICH driver?

I have loaded several of my minidumps into dumpchk.exe and kd.exe and !analyzed them....

But quite honestly, I really do not know exactly what I am looking for.
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  1. Run c:\windows\system32\verifier.exe. If it BSODs, write down the name of the file and google it. That is your driver error. You need to go in safe mode to disable verifier, otherwise it will run on every reboot. You need to reset the computer after running verifier for the first time.
  2. And running this will tell me which of my drivers is feeding bad data to my RAM?

    I thought all that Verifier did was confirm that there was a working driver installed for the device?
  3. If verifier BSODs, you have a bad driver, like rscan.sys for Zonealarm.
    You can disable the bad driver or uninstall the program.
    Test your RAM with memtest86+. If you get errors replace the RAM.
  4. Already tested the RAM. In tested ok, but to be sure I bought a brand new stick, removed the old RAM, and placed the new RAM in a different slot.

    No change at all.

    I am 99% sure it is a driver.
  5. What I do not know is how to figure out WHICH driver without just reinstalling all of them one by one.
  6. Once you have the file name of the bad driver, do a search on your computer. The folder will tell you the name of the program or else google the name of the file.
  7. Very good article. Thanks. I will try that when I get home from work this evening.

    If I am reading that correctly, the verifier is going to try and stress my driver to the point that it crashes.

    And the idea, is that instead of getting a stop message that does not really tell me anything useful, I will get a stop message containing the name of the driver?

    Or am I way off and this thing is just going to give me the same stop, but only confirm it is in fact driver related without really giving me any more information than I already have?
  8. This sounds like it will be much better than trying to load it into kd.exe and decode that cryptic garble of hex. lol

    Thanks a lot. I feel pretty hopeful about this idea.
  9. Verifier.exe will give you the name of the driver plus some other hex...
    Write down the entire BSOD. Important is the driver name.
  10. If you havn't already done so, do this also:

    Right click my computer and select properties then the advanced tab. Under startup and recovery, click settings and uncheck the box that says automatically restart. Click ok/apply/ok and reboot the computer. The next time the computer crashes you will see a BSOD that you can read.
  11. yea. I do that on install. I hate the auto reboot option.
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