Can't install vista on my computer

I've really had terrible mood right now, this morning i try install vista on my computer. First runs smooth until the "copying files.....", so I've leave it for 4 hours to work. And after 4 hours I've checked, and the installation progress bar never move bit or change the percentage number one percent, it's stuck on 3% copying files.
OMG... for an 4 hours I've leave it, its never finish!!! I mean what kind of installation OS for pc that takes 4 hours and never finish!! So i wait for another hour, but suddenly appears error message

"Windows could not install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error Code: 0x8007045D"

Thats it!! for 4 f***ing hours and appear thats error. Damn, that's really piss me off. So... final turn, I've go to nearest internet rental and hoping that any of you guys could help me. Oh... and right now i can't online at home, due to external modem has fryed up. Thanks you're very helpful.
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  1. try a different dvd drive. , I did disconnect my other hard drives when I installed my Vista. I like the MBR's to stay with each boot drive. You should know with in 5 minutes, it should not get stuck like that.
  2. Did that, and for almost 25 hours and no sleep, i check it with windows installer repair. Took only 112 sec and the error reported that my "BOOTMGR" is missing, what the hell is that????
    If the BOOTMGR is missing, then i assume that i can't boot from the disc or hdd?? Correct me if i'm wrong, please. Maybe my WD hard drive is had a problem, but install XP is easy as a pie, run normal. could it be i must replace it with the new HDD instead?
  3. How much room is left on your HDD?? I ask because the last time I saw someone with this issue it was because the partition they created for Vista was too small. The OS couldn't unpack itself and so the installation froze.
  4. aproximately 20 gb, should i increase it to 40 gb? coz i still got plenty of room.
  5. I would give it more than 20, for sure.
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