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I'm looking for a backup solution for the various PCs at home; I'm open to free and/or purchasable software. I'm new to the whole backup scene so any information and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My machines will be running XP (32-bit) and Vista (32-bit & 64-bit). Right now I have a mini-itx server running Vista with 4 x 1TB drives running in RAID5. Here are a few features I'm looking for (bold means necessary):

Full and incremental backups
Stores various backup snapshots (maybe only done through full backups?)
Stores previous versions of the files
Some sort of compression mechanism
Encryption and/or password protection on backup files/archives
Automated/scheduled backups would be nice
Ability to restore a particular file without doing a complete restore
Full system and specific folder backups
Specify to include/exclude certain filetypes
Specify to include/exclude certain folders
Can backup to shared folder on my server over the network

Thanks again!
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  1. Thanks. I'll check it out.
  2. TomNJ said:

    Do/have you use(d) this software? How do you like it?

    I see this listed under disk imaging:
    AES 256 bit encryption for ultimate security.
    but not under file backup. Do you know if file backups can be encrypted too?

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