Emachine will work on 98wins but will take xp ???

I've been working on a emachine model w2247 for days now and can not figure out why it will not take windows xp but will work on windows 98 fine. I have tried everything from wiping the hard drive many times to using the restore disks that came with the computer which has xp home on it. I even tried using another computer to put xp on it and works fine on that computer but when I put the hard drive back on the emachine, it will not work.There plenty of memory so thats not it and every time I try to put xp on the emachine it hangs on the starting up the files please wait and then nothing happens. If anyone have any ideals on whats going on please let me know, am at my wits end on this (lol)

Thanks in advance !
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  1. How old is the machine? Probably too old to support XP from the sound of it... but one thing you might try is a BIOS update. Some motherboard's BIOSes were incompatible with Win XP.
  2. Is the hard drive formatted as NTFS or FAT32? If it's FAT32, switch it to NTFS and see if that helps. Also, how much ram does it have?
  3. I used to have an e-machine in my office. Other than the hardware in yours may be too old for XP, many times e-machines, along with cheap computers from a few other companies, are keyed to work only as delivered. BIOS updates won't work, unless they are delivered from e-machine, and the present BIOS on the motherboard would reject any attempt to install something else, like XP. I eventually took my e-machine apart, using the CD drive, floppy drive, ram and hard disk in a new case, but giving a toss to everything else. And yes, I did a complete format on the hard disc when moving it and then used it as a storage drive only, not as one that held the OS.

    I think its best to consider cheap computers such as e-machines, along with the cheaper HPs and such, as throwaways. You buy them cheap, use them until they wear out or become obsolete, and throw them away.
  4. Nah, many emachines are microATX standard. Slap a new PSU, Mobo and chip in there and you're set for another while.
  5. bliq said:
    Nah, many emachines are microATX standard. Slap a new PSU, Mobo and chip in there and you're set for another while.

    That will work as well, as it introduces all those new parts at the same time as installing XP. What I did was essentially the same, except that I went to a mid tower case instead of keeping the little e-machine case.
  6. The emachine is about 4 or 5 years old and there a sticker on it saying designed for microsoft windows xp from the factory , also saids on it xp home edition preinstalled. it has a 2200+ amd xp and has 312 ram. I used NTFS for the hard drive format. I bought this from a auction and was going to FIX IT AND resell it for some extra cash. Am kinda thinking it might be the bios or the smart drive software , like I said am lost on it.
  7. You should increase the memory to 1 GB for XP.
  8. Windows xp should run fine in your computer , your computer has more than enough memory to handle xp. XP runs fines if you have more than 128 MB ram .. May be you are having a driver conflict or something to prevent you from installing it .
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