I have no internet icon on my acer aspire one and when i go into preferences and

ive had it nearly a year and never managed to get on the internet yet!! its driving me mad :pt1cable:
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  1. What OS are you running?
  2. - What is the model number of your Acer computer?
    - What hardware is it running?
    - What distribution are you running?
    - Could you tell us what the issue is in understandable English please?
  3. Right.. I think I can work this one out.


    They did models which shipped with Linpus Linux (A skinned Fedoora 8). The internet icon the OP refers to is almost certainly just an icon linking to Firefox.

    Given that the machine is very much Linux ready I would suggest installing the latest 10.10 Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it as Linpus never really got of the ground and was frankly a bit pants.

    If you want to fix it with Linpus then I suggest following this guide:


    that will allow you to install a clean copy of the latest build which should fix the problem.

    [/Google is evil but does help you fix stuff]
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