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NEED Virus, Ad-Ware Help for Vista x64

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February 1, 2009 7:18:33 PM

Hey guys.

For the past two days now I've have serious problems with Vista. A while after starting it up the temp of my CPU would skyrocket to around 85° and FireFox would open by itself with a bunch of tabs being created linked to various websites that I don't even have saved.

Now I have ESET Smart Security...but it's not responding to anything. So then I decided that if it's not picking up any traces that it must be Ad-Ware or something similar so I downloaded and installed Ad-Aware, Spybot, & Spy Sweeper.

All of them found something, but it's Spy Sweeper in particular that has saved my CPU and system thus far as it has blocked access 469 weird .com sites in only 30mins since it's be installed.

I keep getting pop-ups like these from Spy Sweeper, that show up on the bottom right of my screen.

Does anyone know what could be happening to my system, and how I can correct this...or would it be best for me to Totally NUKE the drive and do a fresh install of Vista?


Windows Vista Ultimate x64 w/ LATEST UPDATES
ESET Smart Security 3.0.684.0 w/ LATEST UPDATES
>>>Newly Installed:<<<

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February 1, 2009 7:43:13 PM

Totally NUKE the drive and do a fresh install of Vista?

Yes. Vista 64 is causing your CPU temps to skyrocket? :sarcastic:  More so than any other OS would? ;)  Reseat the HSF and install properly. ESET, AD-Aware, Spybot and Spysweeper installed? What exactly are you trying to fix...the CPU overheating? :o  AVG or One Care is a simple solution for virus protection.

A simple adjustment of your IE browser will prevent a lot of tracking cookies and spyware. Also, unless you are browsing every Porn site established on the net since 1929, a virus being installed is not likely if you know what you are doing.

Block specific 'bad' cookies and third party cookies with IE not open email from guys sending you stuff named Oliver Kloseoff. ;) 
February 1, 2009 8:52:42 PM

Well, no, I understand that the anti-virus/ ad-ware/ malware programs aren't going to lower the temps of my CPU.

But I know from history though that there are some attacks that cause the computer to execute random data sets that makes it do certain things it normally wouldn't (like i.e. opening up 300 web pages in 10min). Commands coming back-to-back like that are what causes a CPU to overload, thereby overheating and then BAM...TEMPS go sky high and your system crashes for GOOD.

I NEVER USE INTERNET EXPLORER...only FireFox. I'm not an average PC user so I'm well aware and totally protected against debunked emails.

Vista is not causing my my PC to over heat. My PC is custom built powerhouse, so I'm sure it can handle Vista fine. OneCare blows, and ESET is the nest virus solution. I've already determined that it's not a virus though, so it has to be something else.

So what I'm asking is, based on the information and facts that I've provided, what could my problem be? I'm very sure it's ad-ware or malware related.

It's alright though...I'm just going to Nuke the drive tomorrow evening. I already have everything backed up and am not going to go through days of trouble shooting for something that should be fixable with provided information.