Can ubuntu 10 10 be installed on windows 7 64 bit operating system

its like when i boot from ubuntu cd it boots goes to installation screen there i click on install ubuntu ... it then gives to select language ... and then it goes to a blank screen with a cursor on top ... then the screen goes off
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  1. It sounds like your CD might be corrupted. Did you check the MD5 sum after you downloaded it? You can select the option to 'Check installation media' from the first screen when you boot, I suggest you do this to make sure it's OK.
  2. Yes you got a bad disc try another one. Some people prefer to get the CD than downloading the image from the net.
  3. nope its like which ever cd iam using its d same ......... so the cd isnt d culprit as using d same cd i installed ubuntu 10.10 on another pc having os windws vista
  4. The existing OS is irrelevant because it takes no part in determining what device needs to be booted from (otherwise you'd have trouble installing anything on a fresh drive! :)). It is most likely that you have not got your BIOS boot order correct, which means that your system is going straight to the HDD to boot and ignoring the CD.

    EDIT: Whoops, I read your other thread that sounded like a boot order problem but replied to this thread by accident. It would be handy to know the hardware specs of the system. If this is indeed the same problem that you described more vaguely in the other thread then it's nothing to do with boot order.
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