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Hi guys. We currently have one computer, a P1.6 w/512 Megs Ram. I just bought a new computer that i plan on using for gaming that is a Duo Core 2.6 w/2G Ram. I want to put the old computer in my wifes office and my computer im my office and have them both hooked up to the internet. I have cable internet and it is in my office. I bought a wireless router with my new computer but im not sure what i need to do with my my wife's computer. What do i need to be able to get her online? Does it have to be a PCI card or can i buy one the the USB Plug in wireless adapter like this:


Also, this says it is USB 2.0, the computer she will be using has USB 1.0 since it is an old computer. Will this still work? And lastly, is there a way she can still use the printer if it is hooked up to my computer in my office? Thanks guys!

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  1. You will need a wireless card for her machine, the tigerdirect link wasn't working. I have a couple of these cards and they work really well.

    The USB doesn't matter all she needs if the wireless and future reference USB 2.0 is backward compatable.

    Yes, you can set it up to share the printer, just go into Control Panel, Printers and right Click on your printer icon and check sharing. The whole thing is really to set up and if you need help, can always ask.
  2. Just a quick note about USB 2 being compatible with USB 1.1. Yes it will work but depending on what you use, it can cause troubles. I am using a D-link 54Mbps USB wireless adapter and it did work in my old laptop with USB 1.1 but kept dropping out. :o

    I tried a USB 2 port fitted by the PCMCIA card and hey presto no drop outs. It makes sense really, USB 1.1 only works at about 10Mbps. For some reason the software that came with the wireless adapter did not alow me to choose a lower speed, nor would it adjust automatically, only every connected at 54Mbps. :o

    If you want to use USB get a PCI to USB 2 adaptor card. I'm in Australia so won't send you any price links but over here they usually only cost less then $30 Aussie. ;)
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