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Change boot manager options?

Hello all,

I have been looking for a boot manager program that will allow me to change my boot screen options. I currently run a dual boot of Vista and Ubuntu. I recently had a tri-boot going with win7beta and the other to OS's as well, but after win7 crashed on me I just went ahead and changed the partition into a dedicated data storage area, but my boot screen still shows all 3 options to boot from (win7, win vista, and ubuntu).

Does anyone know of a way that I can remove the win7 option from the menu. I have done this before a year or two ago with my laptop, but seem to have forgotten the process in which I did it. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.


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  1. you can use googling and also use a link to troubleshooting http//
  2. Quite profound emmaelle! Glad to see you assume that I haven't used google. Thats a search engine correct? If you are unable or unwilling to help then please don't respond.


  3. 3ball give this a try to see what boot loader is being used.

    Open a command prompt and type
    bcdedit <enter>

    If you get results it will tell you if a windows boot loder is in charge.
    If not then it must be the Linux loader.

    bcdedit /? will give assistance with the switches available but its hard to understand.
    If it turns out that windows is in charge post back and I will try to help furthur as I have some examples of its use that we can go over.
  4. Thanks for the help Pat. Unfortunately when I type the command into command prompt i get an error saying: "'bcedit' is not recognized as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file."


  5. double check your spelling.
    You have bcedit and it should be bcdedit
  6. Ah, yea that wrong. I did get a list of results.

    It comes up into 4 different sections in order of:

    Windows Boot Manager - Description: Windows Boot Manger

    Windows Boot Loader - Description: Windows 7

    Windows Boot Loader - Description: Windows Vista

    Real-mode Boot Sector - Description: Ubuntu


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    This could work and is worth trying first.
    see if its there and if so delete it.
    I havent tried W7 yet but I think it will be the same as Vista.
  8. That worked great. Very simple and will surely be good knowledge to know for the future. Thanks for all of your help Pat.


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