Does WinXp Home Ed support Athlon X2 or Intel 2 Core Duo?

I have windows xp home edition and i want to build a new pc. I read that Home edition doesnt support 2 processors. Is that the same as a multicore processor like Athlon X2 or Intel 2 Core duo?

Am I going to have to buy XP Professional or Vista to get the full benefit of the double core processors?

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  1. One question, do you have SP1 or SP2? Not really important but just a way of course. Anyway, yes your version will support multicored systems. It's when you get into dual or more sockets that things get hairy. Just remember to download the dual core hotfix from Windows themselves to make the transition from single to dual core easier... On you and us.
  2. thank you! yes, i will d/l sp2 when i build the system. im going to wait until about july/august until intel's quad core prices come down, thus reducing prices of all cpus.

    thanks again!
  3. thanks prozac!
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