program to show CPU temps?

Whats a good program to show CPU temps?

also, what is a good CPU temp, and what is a good GPU temp. thanks! ( specify C or F)
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  1. coretemp is a widely used one ... also speedfan and cpuid's HWmonitor.

    CPU and GPU temps probably vary based on what you have, how overclocked they are and what your ambient temperature is, case cooling, etc.

    My OC'd Q6600 cores run idle at around low 30s (C), up to 55 after 20 minutes of Prime95.

    My 8800GT runs idle at 42 (according to its software), rising to about 46 during games.

    I don't know if these are average or good, they're just mine!
  2. everest is also there which is wide used
  3. RealTemp is a new one.
  4. You probably should read this excellent temperature guide, so you can calibrate and understand the temperatures.
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