Is this the full Linux hierarchy which distros have in common?

I'm learning about Linux and I want to know if this is the complete list which distros have in common. If it's not, then please list what is.

What I had is directories under '/' root are:

etc bin boot home var
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  1. It differs slightly depending on your particular distribution/configuration, but that's fairly close.
  2. What - no /usr?
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    Most distros also have /media now and /mnt doesn't seem to get used often any more. You'll also find that /srv/www is normally now /var/www. The ftp directory may be the same, but I'm not sure. Things get moved around slowly, and some distros are less conventional than others. At least one actually tried to restructure the entire hierarchy but I can't remember which one (it was not a notable distro).
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