Vista x64 Blue screen of Death

Hey guys hows it going?

Windows Vista x64 seems to blue screen when I use windows media player. This has not happened until recently (around the time after service pack 1 was installed).

The blue screen comes up at random during windows media player usage this could be with in 5 mins or a few hours. Sometimes its ok when I shut it down and other times its shutting down the program that sets off the blue screen. Anyone know of the problem? Or how it could be solved?

I have X2 8800GTX's Sli
Asus Striker Extreme
4x1Gb of Mushkin RAM
Intel QX6850 3.00Ghz

Thanks in advance

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  1. What is the blue screen stop error message? In BIOS, bump up the memory volatge to 2.0-2.1v. You may have to increase the NB voltage also if your system is crashing when under the stress of running software.
  2. err im not sure about the message but I will post it when it comes up again...
    I dont think I need to increase the voltage as the computer runs perfectly under full load with many applications running at once or on high spec games

    Thanks badger for the reply though
  3. I've been using Vista 64 on this machine for months now. No problem with Media Player, I use it all the time. Have you run any Registry repair software? Be very creful with registry repair software, you can hose a Vista 64 registry real quick with a software that is not tested properly with Vista 64. The only blue screens I ever had on my system were due to too litle voltage supplied to my RAM and NB. A slight adjustment fixed that and I have no bluescreens ever.

    You might try uninstalling media Player then do a reinstall.
  4. Possible sli driver issue?
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