Supermicro share a CD-ROM image with Linux

I know that Supermicro can work with CD ISO from Windows Share . How can I share ISO using Linux? Yes, I could use Samba but is ther any other way?
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  1. You could use NFS, but I suspect that Samba would be better. What have you got against it?

    Alternatively you could set up an iScsis target on the Linux machine and share the CD ISO that way. But that seems to be unnecessarily complicated?
  2. Well it's complicated because of the resources.. For me it would be perfect to use ssh. Thanks for answer I will use samba in that case.
  3. Unfortunately, I have a problem with SAMBA. I can read the image from my own computer but Supermicro can't find it. Maybe I give path in wrong way for supermicro? I have a host xx.xx.xx.xx and path debian/debian-506.iso.
    I don't have any idea hov to correct this because from my PC i have acces to iso ...
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